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We’ve got a few life lessons to share.

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Is it time to change your perspective? Get up to date with latest headlines, ideas, and inspiration in the life science and healthcare markets.

CG Life Likes to Unwind

At CG Life, we believe that life is as much about fun as it is discovery and work. That’s why we recently hosted our sixth UNWIND life science networking event in our San Diego location. What is UNWIND you ask? Oh, just what happens when ten organizations and 350 executives, scientists and friends get together over live music, street tacos, craft beer and science. The result is new friendships, collaborations, careers and adventures. Whether you were there or had something better to do (uh, whatever), check out our photo album to relive the fun!

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San Diego UNWIND 2017

5 Steps to Get Editors Calling You

An editor at a biotechnology trade publication recently reached out to our office. She was writing a piece on flow cytometry, and none of her regular contacts was available to provide their expertise on the topic. So, she turned to us for help. Fortunately, we have created a solid network of affiliated experts and were able to suggest the names of two scientists with the expertise the editor needed.

Call from an editor

Breaking the Habit: Why Understanding Workflow Habits Is Key to Successful Marketing

Habits are powerful. In Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow, he talks about habits as “the law of least effort,” saying “if there are several ways of achieving the same goal, people will eventually gravitate to the least demanding course of action.” It makes sense. Scientists have conducted numerous studies that have demonstrated that the human brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. We’d all be completely overwhelmed if we fully considered every decision we made every minute of every day.

SEO for Blogs and Web Pages: Know the Difference

Search engine optimization (SEO) has the potential to bring large amounts of free traffic to a website -- from specific target audiences no less.

Although many of the basic principles of SEO remain the same across different kinds of website pages, there are still differences in SEO best practices across page types.

Most notably, blog posts and articles need to be optimized differently from home pages and the like.


Why You Should Add Video to Your Marketing Campaigns

Pre-Facebook feeds, I was known as the go-to curator of funny YouTube videos. I was the first to introduce my friends to now-classics such as, Charlie Bit My Finger and Dramatic Chipmunk.

Video was a great way to connect and engage with my friends on a personal level. They would seek me out for some quality content and a brief escape from exams.

Watching videos

Healthcare Game-Changers: Innovations Shaping the Industry

In an industry that develops as quickly as healthcare, it’s difficult to know which innovations will lead to lasting change and which will be promptly replaced by the next exciting piece of technology.

The news is filled with promising advances in health and medicine, but we’ve been especially excited about these three developments that are likely to have an enduring impact on the industry.

Healthcare innovation

Life Science SEO in Action: An Outstanding Example of Evergreen Content

The best content provides long-term value, and the life sciences and healthcare have an outstanding opportunity to create that content.

Content marketing is a growing trend in B2B, with 89 percent of businesses using content in some form. The increased trend in content marketing is advancing the field, but it’s also revealing some of the key challenges content marketers face. One of those critical challenges is producing enough content.


Selecting the Right Investment Bank to Take Your Company Public

The journey from a private start-up to a publicly traded corporation on Wall Street is a vast one. A private company needs time and resources to establish itself as an attractive, worthwhile investment before taking the big step of going public. Even if a company has experienced early success and is saving lives or changing the world for the better, the investment world is going to be focused on one thing: finances. For investors to feel comfortable with the risks associated with taking a large position in your company’s stock, the company’s financials must be healthy and promising. That’s why, for a successful IPO, it is critical to...

Melody Carey

Don’t Want to Spam Customers? Follow the Rules of an Email Service Provider

You can’t market to people from inside a spam folder. To land in your customers’ inboxes and minds instead, you’ve got to ride on the coattails of an email service provider (ESP) with a spam-free reputation.

What’s your ticket to ride those coattails? Following the rules that got the ESPs their good reputations in the first place. 

Avoid Spam Emails

5 Reasons to Send Your Marketing Team to Trade Shows and Conferences

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on trade show presence. The opportunity for face-to-face time with prospective customers alone is reason enough to send the sales and business development teams who are looking to close deals. But there are plenty of reasons to also send members of a marketing team—and not just for booth set-up!

Here are 5 reasons it’s in your marketing team’s best interests to be at industry trade shows.

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The traderoom floor

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