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Our CG Life

We look at life through a different lens.

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Storytellers, App makers, music freaks, former scientists and lab techs, cancer survivors, knowledge seekers, inquisitive journalists, enablers, coders and surfers—all doing what we do because we have an innate curiosity about life. What makes it tick. How it can be improved and enhanced. And how we can parlay our collective knowledge and experiences to breathe new life into your brand.

For us, helping meet your challenges head-on is like an adrenaline rush. It all begins with a keen understanding of the science behind your brand. The data that informs it. The environment in which it lives and competes. The human truths and insights that create powerful connections with your target audiences. Uncovering the seminal moments along a person’s journey and adoption process that help start meaningful conversations, foster better engagement and build healthier brand relationships.

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Our Team

We’re a seriously fun group with even more serious skills.

Our Partners

Because we would never want to go at it alone.

Let’s discuss your next project.

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